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Energy and Material Research Conference

Within the framework of the Work  Package 3 PhD student Rashad Hajimammadov attended Energy and Material Research Conference,took place from 20th to 22nd June,Torremolinos, Spain.


The Conference topics:

Energy production from Biomass – Biofuels

Photovoltaics (PV)

Fuel Cells


Wind Power

Geothermal Energy

Wave and Tidal Power

Nuclear Energy and Materials

Energy Production from Fossil Fuels

Energy Harvesting Materials

 Energy Transmission, Distribution and Storage

Advances in 
Lighting Materials


Materials, Processes and Systems for Energy Saving and Sustainability.

 He presented his research result : “CdTe thin films for Solar Cells Application Prepared by Close-Spaced Sublimation and Magnetron Sputtering Methods”


AIP Industrial Physics Forum 2012: Capacity Building for Industrial Physics in Developing and Emerging

Given the continuing globalization of advanced technological development, the International Centre for Theoretical Physics has joined with the American Institute of Physics to host an Industrial Physics Forum (IPF). The goal of the IPF is to enlarge the scope of fostering basic research by promoting links between scientists and industry. This interface is a crucial step in bridging science and society, leading to sustainable technological advancement or "capacity building”.

The 2012 Industrial Physics Forum (IPF) will have a rich array of sessions: 1) technical: physics of materials, solar & other alternative sources of energy, optics & lasers, microfluidics; 2) workshops on inquiry-based physics education and educational technology focusing on the role of pre-college, college, and graduate physics education in building local capacity; 3) sessions on the science & technology policy of capacity building; and 4) the very popular Frontiers of Physics session, featuring scientists who are making seminal contributions to leading edge research.

This conference is aimed at, and designed to be accessible to, a general audience of physicists and advanced degree students, though the target audience includes science policy administrators and leaders who would like to influence the role that physics plays in building industrial physics capacity in their region. There will be ample time for networking and community building.




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